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There are few interventions that help people with dementia retain or regain a sense of self. Thus, a controlled pilot study examined a life review/life storybook intervention, delivered by familiar care assistants to 30 people with dementia residing in assisted living facilities in Northern Ireland. A multivariate analysis of covariance showed significant(More)
This study used a randomized pretest/posttest control group design to test the effectiveness of auricular acupuncture interventions in diminishing psychological and physiological changes associated with cocaine craving in 30 treatment-seeking cocaine-dependent patients. The experimental group received the real auricular acupuncture intervention, insertion(More)
Retinal wrinkling of the posterior pole was studied in 40 eyes from 31 patients with diabetic retinopathy. Vitreoretinal traction was thought to produce the wrinkling in 32 of the eyes, in 13 of which macular heterotopia also developed, presumably from the same tractional forces. Epiretinal membrane formation was the apparent causal factor producing retinal(More)
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