Barbara Köpke

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The aim of this paper is to provide the reader with a general overview of the field of attrition. Having situated this relatively new research domain with respect to related fields and approaches, a brief summary of the most important research questions and preliminary findings is given. The discussion then focuses on two issues that are of particular(More)
We have translated the most famous text of Sigmund Exner (1846-1926), which relates to the existence of a localised "writing centre" in the brain. We discuss its relevance to modern studies and understanding of writing and agraphia. In Exner's most famous text, he hypothesised about the eponymous "Exner's Area", a discrete area within the brain that was(More)
There is a large body of research on discourse production in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Some studies have focused on pause production, revealing that patients make extensive use of pauses during speech. This has been attributed to lexical retrieval difficulties, but pausing may also reflect other forms of cognitive impairment as it increases with cognitive(More)
BACKGROUND The diastolic and systolic pressure in the ophthalmic artery (OAPdia, OAPsys) as well as the venous pulsation pressure (VPP) can be determined by contact lens dynamometry (CLD). With these parameters, carotid artery stenosis, ocular perfusion, e.g., in glaucoma patients and the cerebrospinal pressure can be examined indirectly. In the underlying(More)
La question du transfert interlangues dans la thérapie d’aphasiques bilingues est controversée et les conditions dans lesquelles il y a transfert n’ont pas encore été élucidées. Le fait d’avoir davantage de représentations et de processus en commun dans les deux langues semble augmenter le transfert. Cette hypothèse a été mise à l’épreuve dans une étude de(More)
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