Barbara Jones

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In this paper we describe the data collection for the TBALL project (Technology Based Assessment of Language and Literacy) and report the results of our efforts. We focus on aspects of our corpus that distinguish it from currently available corpora. The speakers are children (grades K-4), largely nonnative speakers of English, and from diverse(More)
The increased usage of online cancer support groups as a resource for health-related information and social support has sparked numerous discussions about the role of online support in healthcare. However, little is known about the role of social-networking groups focused on supporting adolescents and young adults (AYAs) dealing with cancer. The current(More)
Approximately one third of all drugs prescribed in the United States are considered unnecessary. Polypharmacy, the unnecessary, excessive use of prescription and over-the-counter medications, increases clients' risk for adverse drug reactions and drug-drug interactions. Reducing the incidence of polypharmacy is a health protection goal of Healthy People(More)
This paper describes the design and realization of an automatic system for assessing and evaluating the language and literacy skills of young children. This system was developed in the context of the TBALL (technology based assessment of language and literacy) project and aims at automatically assessing the English literacy skills of both native talkers of(More)
ABstRAct Constant renewal of the self-image and self-knowledge of the organisation becomes part of the day-today knowledge-in-use of front-line practitioners. The Network Enterprise is a model of business conducted by shifting alliances of partners developing innovative products and processes in close collaboration with their clients. Organisations abandon(More)
This paper uses methods drawn from physics to study the life cycle of viruses. The paper analyzes a model of viral infection and evolution using the "grand canonical ensemble" and formalisms from statistical mechanics and thermodynamics. Using this approach we enumerate all possible genetic states of a model virus and host as a function of two independent(More)
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