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Current reseach suggests that metrics of landscape pattern may reflect ecological processes operating at different scales and may provide an appropriate indicator for monitoring regional ecological changes. This paper examines the extent to which a 1/16 areal subset of the landscape using equally spaced 40-km2 hexagons can characterize the spatial extent of(More)
BACKGROUND Modern biological research makes possible the comprehensive study and development of heritable mutations in the mouse model at high-throughput. Using techniques spanning genetics, molecular biology, histology, and behavioral science, researchers may examine, with varying degrees of granularity, numerous phenotypic aspects of mutant mouse strains(More)
The Nebraska Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program-Birth to Kindergarten (B to K) includes all children who are part of Nebraska public education programs that are supported through the blending of multiple funding sources. Operated by Nebraska public school districts (hereafter referred to as districts) or Educational Service Units (ESUs), comprehensive(More)
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