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Complex traits and disease comorbidity in humans and in model organisms are the result of naturally occurring polymorphisms that interact with each other and with the environment. To ensure the availability of resources needed to investigate biomolecular networks and systems-level phenotypes underlying complex traits, we have initiated breeding of a new(More)
Genetic reference populations in model organisms are critical resources for systems genetic analysis of disease related phenotypes. The breeding history of these inbred panels may influence detectable allelic and phenotypic diversity. The existing panel of common inbred strains reflects historical selection biases, and existing recombinant inbred panels(More)
Current reseach suggests that metrics of landscape pattern may reflect ecological processes operating at different scales and may provide an appropriate indicator for monitoring regional ecological changes. This paper examines the extent to which a 1/16 areal subset of the landscape using equally spaced 40-km2 hexagons can characterize the spatial extent of(More)
BACKGROUND Modern biological research makes possible the comprehensive study and development of heritable mutations in the mouse model at high-throughput. Using techniques spanning genetics, molecular biology, histology, and behavioral science, researchers may examine, with varying degrees of granularity, numerous phenotypic aspects of mutant mouse strains(More)
OBJECTIVES This study assessed the effects of the Black Churches United for Better Health project on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among rural African American church members in North Carolina. METHODS Ten counties comprising 50 churches were pair matched and randomly assigned to either intervention or delayed intervention (no program until(More)
A mouse monoclonal antibody (MAb) recognizing alpha-smooth-muscle actin has been used to study smooth-muscle differentiation features in the stromal cells of desmoplastic reactions accompanying mammary tumors. We have studied, by the same immunohistochemical technique, a series of malignant and non-malignant human breast tissues. Cells composing the(More)
ATP citrate (pro-S)-lyase (EC, a cytosolic enzyme that generates acetyl-CoA for cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis de novo, is a potential target for hypolipidaemic intervention. Here we describe the biological effects of the inhibition of ATP citrate-lyase on lipid metabolism in Hep G2 cells, and plasma lipids in rats and dogs, by using(More)
African Americans (AAs) are at increased risk for many diseases, including cancer, but health promotion efforts often fail to reach them. Effective partnerships can be established with African American churches to deliver health-based interventions. In an NCI-funded study aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among rural AAs, investigators at(More)
Actin isoform expression may change during development, and in certain physiological, experimental and pathological situations. It is accepted that during sarcomeric (skeletal and cardiac) muscle development, the alpha-skeletal and alpha-cardiac isoforms of actin accumulate rapidly at the onset of muscle fibre formation, while there is a rapid fall in the(More)