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A gap exists between IT management topics important to CIOs and topics present in typical MIS texts. One way to bridge that gap and synchronize IT management knowledge between students, academics and CIOs is through the use of IT governance frameworks to organize introductory undergraduate MIS courses. The use of the Information Technology Infrastructure(More)
Researchers have studied interpersonal interventions as a means of increasing the performance of work teams. However, for short-term teams working on contrived tasks of short duration—a combination common in research studies—interpersonal interventions do not seem to affect team performance as much as task interventions. Yet, for short-term teams working on(More)
Peer review is by no means a routine process for traditional, or basic, research. Even so, peer review is even less routinized for other forms of scholarship. In 1990, Ernest Boyer called for a reconsideration of scholarship and extended the definition to be inclusive of non-traditional modes of scholarly production and delivery. However, peer review(More)
Industry often criticizes Computer Information Systems (CIS) courses for failing to help students see the " large picture. " CIS students may not always make the connection between an information system's design and how design impacts users and consumers in the larger e-commerce marketplace. A three-part integrated project utilized eBay and allowed students(More)