Barbara J. O’Neill

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BACKGROUND Large amounts of scientific evidence are generated, but not implemented into patient care (the 'knowledge-to-care' gap). We identified and prioritized knowledge-to-care gaps in critical care as opportunities to improve the quality and value of healthcare. METHODS We used a multi-method community-based participatory research approach to engage a(More)
4 This study examined relationships among the financial practices, financial well-being, and health of a sample of 3,121 financially distressed consumers who were new clients participating in the debt management program of a large national non-profit credit counseling organization. Respondents who reported having improved health since participating in(More)
The Offi ce of the Chief Nursing Offi cer publishes and distributes The Nurse Practitioner Series. The primary purpose of the series is to promote the development of the nurse practitioner role in Western Australia. This work is copyright. It may be produced in whole or part for study or training purposes subject to the inclusion of an acknowledgement of(More)
xv All are available as press spokespersons With contributions from other personal finance experts (also available as press spokespersons), including: " More and more families are running harder and harder to stay in the same place or to reduce the amount that they are falling behind. " 1 In survey after survey, people say that they are financially(More)
2 Periodic financial checkups are as important as annual physicals in assessing current behavior, diagnosing problems before they become worse, and identifying uncovered risk exposures (O'Neill, 2002). This abstract describes an ongoing study of financial behavior using data collected via an interactive online assessment tool, the Financial Fitness Quiz.(More)
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