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  • Bryan Paul Ruddy, David E Hardt, Ralph E, Eloise F Cross, Betty Manion, Norman Passmore +29 others
  • 2012
Actuator performance represents a key constraint on the capability of many engineered devices. Performance of these devices is often exceeded by their muscle-powered natural counterparts, inspiring the development of new, " active material " actuators. This thesis reconsiders a traditional actuator, the linear permanent magnet motor, as a form of active(More)
One of the most common treatments for men with localized prostate cancer is radiation therapy, which involves delivering small doses of radiation to the prostate for an extended period of time. Stereotactic-body radiation therapy (SBRT) is a form of radiotherapy that delivers increased dosage to the prostate with more precision. The results are shorter(More)
Japanese and English speech structures are different in terms of harmony, rhythm, and frequency of sound. Voice samples of 5 native speakers of English and Japanese were collected and analyzed through fast Fourier transform, autocorrelation, and statistical analysis. The harmony of language refers to the spatial frequency content of speech and is analyzed(More)
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