Barbara Hayes-Roth

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Models of the spatial knowledge people acquire from maps and navigation and the procedures required for spatial judgments using this knowledge are proposed. From a map, people acquire survey knowledge encoding global spatial relations. This knowledge resides in memory in images that can be scanned and measured like a physical map. From navigation, people(More)
The control problem --which of its potential actions should an A I system perform at each point in the problem-solving process?--is fundamental to all cognitive processes. This paper proposes eight behavioral goals for intelligent control and a 'blackboard control architecture' to achieve them. The architecture distinguishes domain and control problems,(More)
A surgical intensive care unit (ICU) is a challenging monitoring environment. The multitude of monitored variables, the high frequency of alarms, and the severity of likely complications and emergencies can overload the cognitive skills of even experienced clinicians. ICU monitoring is also complicated by changes in clinical context. Over the course of a(More)
Intelligent agents perform multiple concurrent taks requiring both knowledge-based reasoning and interaction with dynamic entities in the environment, under real-time constraints. Because an agent's opportunities to perceive, reason about, and act upon the environment typically exceed its computational resources, it must determine which operations to(More)
Directed improvisation is a new paradigm for multiagent interaction. One or more human users direct one or more computer characters with scripted or interactive directions. The characters work together to improvise a course of behavior that follows the directions, expresses their distinctive individual styles, honors ocial conventions, and meets other(More)
E-commerce over the World-Wide Web has become a major application area for software development. The volume of goods and services transactions is rapidly growing. Economic theory and observations of the emerging markets suggest that e-commerce sellers will be driven towards offering personalized buying interactions and customized products to escape price(More)