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BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Over half of mothers with infants under one year are employed. This study explored the work experiences of women who returned to employment during the first year and the relationship of employment characteristics to maternal health. DESIGN/METHODS Longitudinal, repeated measures during pregnancy and 1,4, 8, and 12 months postpartum.(More)
This study explored how couples living with advanced multiple sclerosis approach planning for health changes together. A qualitative descriptive approach was used, with multiple in-depth interviews. Ten couples were interviewed, consisting of 10 participants with advanced multiple sclerosis and their 10 respective spouses. Interviews were transcribed(More)
A convenience sample of 40 family members caring for an individual with either Alzheimer's disease (AD) or Parkinson's disease (PD) completed the Caregiver Assistance Measure (CAM) to identify the types of assistance that would be most helpful in caring for a family member at home. The CAM measures three categories or types of assistance: care knowledge and(More)
PURPOSE Cognitive impairment is commonly reported by breast cancer survivors, yet little is known regarding its impact on quality of life. The purpose of this study was to obtain a better understanding of breast cancer survivors' experiences of perceived cognitive impairment, its trajectory, and its impact on relationships, daily functioning, work and(More)
Es wird eine 63jährige Patientin mit Livedo reticularis nach Einnahme von Amantadin bei Morbus Parkinson vorgestellt. Diese reversible Nebenwirkung von Amantadin wird v.a. bei Frauen beobachtet und geht oft mit therapieresistenten Knöchelödemen einher. Wir beschreiben die Klinik, Pathogenese und Therapie der Amantadin-induzierten Livedo reticularis, einer(More)
We propose the time is right for the Scholarship of Engagement to serve as a model of scholarship in schools of nursing given the shift towards community-based research and the emphasis of community-based research in the recently published National Institutes of Health (NIH) roadmap initiative. Thus, this article addresses the need of nursing academe to(More)
Chronic diseases are rampant in the United States and account for the majority of healthcare costs in this country. The implementation of research studies involving members of chronic disease populations is necessary to the development of interventions aimed at preventing these conditions and improving outcomes. The implementation of such studies hinges on(More)
OBJECTIVE To report results from a national survey of coordinators and managers of clinical research studies in the US on their perceptions of and experiences with scientific misconduct. METHODS Data were collected using the Scientific Misconduct Questionnaire-Revised. Eligible responses were received from 1645 of 5302 (31%) surveys sent to members of the(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine the role of finding meaning in caregiving as a way of coping and potential mediator of the effect of caregiver burden on caregiver health, controlling for potentially influencing factors. METHOD This was a cross-sectional, descriptive study of 84 community-residing spouse caregivers for persons with dementia(More)
PURPOSE The overall purposes of this article are to report the development of a survey instrument, Scientific Misconduct Questionnaire-Revised (SMQ-R) that elicits the perceptions of research coordinators managing clinical trials about the various aspects of scientific misconduct and to present psychometric analyses for the SMQ-R. METHODS A panel of five(More)