Barbara G. Wilson

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The reported incidence of gastrointestinal endocrine tumours is variable. In Northern Ireland circumstances allowing such an assessment are favourable with a central diagnostic laboratory and register established to collect data on tumours from a well-defined population of 1.5 million people. From 1970 to 1985, 368 cases were recorded of which 85 per cent(More)
OBJECTIVE The efficacy and tolerability of mood stabilizers in older adults with bipolar disorder remains understudied. Authors retrospectively examined response to lamotrigine, lithium, and placebo in older (>or=age 55) adults with Bipolar I disorder (DSM-IV) who participated in two mixed-age, maintenance studies examining time to intervention for an(More)
Appendicular carcinoid tumours in 147 patients are presented. Two patients had evidence of metastatic spread at the time of presentation. Both patients had primary tumours less than 2 cm in diameter. Size remains the most reliable guide to the malignant potential of these tumours. If, after simple appendicectomy, a carcinoid tumour is found with a(More)
Forty-two patients with complete rectal prolapse have been treated using the Ivalon sponge rectopexy. There was no operative mortality in this series and only one complete recurrence after an average follow-up of more than 4 years. Pelvic sepsis occurred in one patient and required removal of the sponge. The majority of the patients were satisfied with the(More)
Autoradiographic techniques were used to measure rate of replication and length of the replication unit in cultured cells of Scaphiopus couchi, Bufo cognatus, Rana clamitans, and Triturus viridescens, having nuclear DNA amounts in the ratio 1∶4∶7∶39 respectively. The autoradiographic experiments were designed to show whether the larger amounts of nuclear(More)
The incidental finding of a rare appendiceal tumour in a previously healthy male patient is described. He presented as an emergency with a self-inflicted abdominal stab injury. At laparotomy, there was no visceral damage but the appendix was hugely distended and appendectomy was performed. Subsequent histological examination of the appendix revealed a(More)
Adult budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus) with 2 years of breeding experience were removed from an aviary with enzootic avian polyomavirus (APV) disease and maintained in an isolation unit. Following a 7-month respite from breeding, these birds were allowed to breed without interruption for 2 years. Although the adults were seropositive both at the(More)
Spontaneous perforation of the urinary bladder occurring in patients with an indwelling catheter is an exceptional event. To our knowledge there are only eight cases in the literature. 1-6 With the exception of one patient,2 all were over seventy years of age and all but one were male. We present the case of a 76-year-old male who sustained two spontaneous(More)
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BDP) is a chronic pulmonary disease of preterm and term babies treated with mechanical ventilation for respiratory problems of different origin and requiring oxygen therapy 28 days after birth. BPD is a disease affecting the growth and development of pulmonary tissue. Such pulmonary lesions heal by squamous metaplasia leading to(More)
Rapid junctional ectopic tachycardia (JET )develops within hours of operation in approximately 5% of children undergoing open heart operations,and it can be lethal.The arrhythmia is self-limited if hemodynamic consequences can be controlled.Nevertheless,there is substantial risk of death with conventional antiarrhytmic treatment. Initially with the rates(More)