Barbara G. Pickard

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Oriented deposition of cellulose fibers by cellulose-synthesizing complexes typically occurs across the plasma membrane from microtubule bundles and is guided by them. However, aligned movement of the complexes can be shown even after applied oryzalin has depolymerized microtubules. Further, there is a claim that when (1) microtubules are depolymerized with(More)
Gating of associations of mechanosensitive Ca(2+)-selective cation co-channels in the plasmalemma of onion epidermis has a strong and unusual temperature dependence. Tension-dependent activity rises steeply as temperature is lowered from 25 degrees C to about 6 degrees C, but drops to a low level at about 5 degrees C. Under the conditions tested (with Mg2+(More)
small molecules into sieve elements, elongate cells with a limited variety of organelles all packed around the periphery. Sieve elements are arranged end-to-end with conspicuous interconnecting pores, and the columns they form are called sieve tubes. As sugar is loaded into the sieve tubes ramifying through the source tissue, water is drawn in osmotically(More)
Plant organs may respond to gravity by vertical (orthogravitropic), oblique (plagiogravitropic) or horizontal (diagravitropic) growth. Primary roots of maize (Zea mays L.) provide a good system for studying such behaviours because they are reportedly capable of displaying all three responses. In current work using maize seedlings of the Silver Queen(More)
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