Barbara Fink

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Riboswitches are newly discovered regulatory elements which control a wide set of basic metabolic pathways. They consist solely of RNA, sense their ligand in a preformed binding pocket and perform a conformational switch in response to ligand binding resulting in altered gene expression. We have utilized the enormous potential of RNA for molecular sensing(More)
In an effort to characterize fruit ripening-related genes functionally, two glucosyltransferases, FaGT6 and FaGT7, were cloned from a strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) cDNA library and the full-length open reading frames were amplified by rapid amplification of cDNA ends. FaGT6 and FaGT7 were expressed heterologously as fusion proteins in Escherichia coli(More)
Shared decision making is advocated for patients with schizophrenia. However, there is limited knowledge as to which events are actually considered to be decisions by psychiatrists and patients. Semistructured interviews with regard to clinical decisions of the preceding week were performed with psychiatrists and inpatients with schizophrenia. There was(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Numerous people contributed to this publication. The clinical supervision competencies were developed by a Task Force of experts (see page v), and the document was reviewed by others in the substance use disorder treatment field (see Appendix D). DISCLAIMER The opinions expressed herein are the views of Task Force members and do not(More)
Acknowledgments This is volume three of a series of treatment manuals produced under the Cannabis Youth Treatment (CYT) Project Cooperative Agreement. The document was written by the following staff members of Operation Parental Awareness and Responsibility Public Domain Notice All material appearing in this report is in the public domain and may be(More)