Barbara Ferrari

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Terminal drought is the main stress that limits pea ( L.) grain yield in Mediterranean-climate regions. This study provides an unprecedented assessment of the predictive ability of genomic selection (GS) for grain yield under severe terminal drought using genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) data. Additional aims were to assess the GS predictive ability for(More)
Converting beech coppices into high forest stands has been promoted in the last decades as a management goal to attenuate the negative effects that frequent clearcutting may have on soil, landscape, and biodiversity conservation. The silvicultural tool usually adopted is the gradual thinning of shoots during the long span of time required to complete the(More)
Urban expansion increases the need for, and pressure on, green areas. Reforestation projects in the rural–urban fringe represent an opportunity for enhancing the environmental quality of peri-urban spaces and a means to contribute to cities carbon neutrality policies. Yet, relatively little information exists regarding the long term (10–25 years) survival(More)
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