Barbara Essendorfer

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Agent mobility requires additional security measures. While the theoretical aspects of mobile agent security have been widely studied, there are few studies about the security levels of current agent platforms. In this paper, test cases are proposed to assess agent platform security. These tests focus on malicious agents trying to attack other agents or the(More)
Securing harbors and coastlines includes the task of monitoring and detecting people or vehicles attempting to enter a confined/protected area, other than at the legitimate access points. Modern systems should provide a total solution-including sensors, software, hardware, and a “control unit” to ensure complete security. Today a standard(More)
Persistent Surveillance is an increasingly important concept in today’s conflicts due to the asymmetric and complex nature of threats. With the proliferation of Persistent Surveillance Systems, NATO and its nations face a new challenge to integrate these systems into their overall Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) architecture. The same(More)
Prevention and management of damage scenarios require adequate situation awareness to make timely, coordinated, and proactive decisions possible. The stakeholders must be able to access and to comprehend relevant information quickly and with justifiable effort. The resulting challenges for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) lie not only in(More)
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