Barbara Eckman

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A rigorous analysis of the Merck-sponsored EST data with respect to known gene sequences increases the utility of the data set and helps refine methods for building a gene index. A highly curated human transcript data base was used as a reference data set of known genes. A detailed analysis of EST sequences derived from known genes was performed to assess(More)
A somatic cell hybrid panel, consisting of 25 cell lines, has been developed to localize loci subregionally on chromosome 22. Over 300 markers in the form of STSs or hybridization probes have been assigned to one of 24 unique regions or "bins" using this panel. This ordered collection of markers will aid in the assembly of physical maps and contigs of(More)
Building a Smarter Planeti requires creating an intelligent infrastructure that integrates technology with business, government, and the everyday life of the citizens of earth, to maximize the use of scarce resources, balance human use and ecosystem preservation, reduce costs, and improve quality of life. One of the keystones of this intelligent(More)
Sustainable use of the freshwater resources of the world is an urgent challenge. The World Health Organization recently estimated that 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, a problem the United Nations highlights in its Millennium Development Goals. To address the scale and urgency of this challenge, IBM, The Nature Conservancy, and the(More)
An animal model used yeast-fevered rats to measure the relative antipyretic effects of different commercially available acetaminophen-containing suppositories. A laboratory-prepared acetaminophen-containing suppository and placebo suppositories also were investigated. Release from the suppositories was measured in vitro. All acetaminophen products(More)
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