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INTRODUCTION Almost all patients treated with opioids suffer from constipation. Numerous laxatives are used to overcome the problem, but none has yet been found to yield favourable results in all patients. Several studies have attempted to reverse opioid-induced constipation by the use of oral naloxone. Experiments carried out in rats showed that(More)
Associations of functional status (as measured with the Karnofsky Index), depressive symptoms (as assessed with the Beck Depression Inventory), and sociodemographic characteristics with health-related quality of life (HrQoL; measured with the EORTC Quality of Life Questionnaire QLQ-C30) were assessed in 170 recently diagnosed cancer patients. A better(More)
Purpose: Side effects of chemotherapy on cognitive functions in older patients have rarely been investigated. Addressing this lack of research, the present study evaluated cognitive functions in older cancer patients. Methods: A total of 130 younger (n=59; age<60) and older (n=71; age≥60) cancer patients with hematological disease or cancer of the(More)
Weight-loss interventions generally improve lipid profiles and reduce cardiovascular disease risk, but effects are variable and may depend on genetic factors. We performed a genetic association analysis of data from 2,993 participants in the Diabetes Prevention Program to test the hypotheses that a genetic risk score (GRS) based on deleterious alleles at 32(More)
Ende Dezember 2009 bis Ende Januar 2010 ereignete sich in Ulm (Baden-Württemberg) und Neu-Ulm (Bayern) der bislang größte Legionellenausbruch in Deutschland. Insgesamt wurden 64 Erkrankungsfälle bekannt. 60 Patienten mussten stationär im Krankenhaus behandelt werden, und fünf Patienten verstarben an der Infektion. Ausgelöst wurde dieses Geschehen durch ein(More)
We have previously reported that a murine anti-Tat sFv intrabody, termed sFvtat1Ck, directed against the proline-rich N-terminal activation domain of HIV-1, is a potent inhibitor of HIV-1 replication [Mhashilkar, A. M., et al. (1995). EMBO J. 14, 1542-1551]. In this study, the protective effect of sFvtat1Ck expression on HIV-1 replication in both acutely(More)
Hintergrund: Häufigste Nebenwirkung einer Therapie chronischer Schmerzen mit Opioiden ist eine Obstipation. Sie beruht größtenteils auf einer Bindung der Opiode an Rezeptoren im Magen-Darmtrakt, aus der sie durch oral verabfolgtes Naloxon verdrängt werden können, ohne daß die analgetische Wirkung wegen der hohen präsystemischen Elimination des Naloxon(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between gender role orientation and the prevalence of chronic pain. METHOD The individual gender role orientation in a sample of 45 chronic pain patients (ICD 10 diagnosis, F 45.4) was compared to gender role orientation in a matched, pain-free control group. Gender role orientation was(More)
The influence of continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration on the pharmacokinetics of azlocillin was examined in eight anuric intensive care patients, each of whom received a short infusion of 5.0 g azlocillin. Azlocillin concentrations in blood were measured simultaneously in the afferent and efferent loops of the amicon Dia 20 hemofilter and in the(More)