Barbara E. Holder

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Designers of commercial aviation flight decks have recently begun to consider ways to reduce or eliminate the use of paper documents in flight operations. Using ethnographic methods we describe the cognitive functions served by the paper-use practices of pilots. The special characteristics of flight deck work give a distinctive quality to pilots' paper-use(More)
A large fraction of flight operations in the global commercial aviation system are conducted using a mixture of English and some other language(s). We examine the institutional factors that create this situation and the language practices adopted by non-native English speaking pilots to adapt within a complex ecology of constraints on language usage. We(More)
This paper presents work we conducted in our search to understand how the brain is organized for meaning (both linguistic and non-linguistic). We address the notion of noun-verb dissociations, which has often been studied but remains controversial. We tested a group of 21 patients with aphasia (Anomic, Broca and Wernicke) along with a group of 20(More)
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