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The Female Athlete Triad is a syndrome occurring in physically active girls and women. Its interrelated components are disordered eating, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis. Pressure placed on young women to achieve or maintain unrealistically low body weight underlies development of the Triad. Adolescents and women training in sports in which low body weight is(More)
We examined how the use of bone turnover markers and educational information affects persistence of bisphosphonate use in osteoporotic patients. We found that reporting bone turnover results and/or educational information did not affect persistence. Long-term adherence and persistence to osteoporosis medication are poor. We examined whether reporting of(More)
Triad: Refuting the IOC Consensus Statement on Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) Mary Jane De Souza, Nancy I Williams, Aurelia Nattiv, Elizabeth Joy, Madhusmita Misra, Anne B Loucks, Gordon Matheson, Marion P Olmsted, Michelle Barrack, Rebecca J Mallinson, Jenna C Gibbs, Marci Goolsby, Jeanne F Nichols, Barbara Drinkwater, Charlotte (Barney)(More)
The female athlete triad is a medical condition often observed in physically active girls and women and involves three components: (1) low energy availability with or without disordered eating, (2) menstrual dysfunction, and (3) low bone mineral density. Female athletes often present with one or more of the three triad components, and early intervention is(More)
Convenient techniques for measuring rates of bone turnover have been developed in recent years with the advent of biochemical markers of bone metabolism. One recent of these techniques is a collection method and quantitative enzyme immunoassay for free pyridinoline crosslinks in human sweat. The concentrations of pyridinoline crosslinks in 5-day sweat(More)
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