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Multidimensional data modeling plays a key role in the design of a data warehouse. We argue that the Entity Relationship Model is not suited for multidimensional conceptual modeling because the semantics of the main characteristics of the paradigm cannot be adequately represented. Consequently, we present a specialization of the E/R model-called(More)
1. ABSTRACT The main idea of a data warehouse is to provide decision makers with integrated information that is organized according to their requirements. In recent years there was a rapid development of the market for data warehouse prot ducts and in particular for OLAP systems. me technical development in this area is strongly market driven. This paper(More)
The domains of Business Intelligence (BI) and social media have meanwhile become significant research fields. While BI aims at supporting an organization's decisions by providing relevant analytical data, social media is an emerging source of personal and individual knowledge, opinion , and attitudes of stakeholders. For a while, a convergence of the two(More)
The need for interdisciplinary programs for problem-based education increases. However, there is a substantial shortage of skilled boundary-spanning students, as prominently evidenced in the field of big data analytics. To solve this problem, this paper suggests a generic interdisciplinary IS curriculum process design model. The model considers education of(More)