Barbara Diaz

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We studied the effectiveness of olanzapine/fluoxetine combination (OFC) treatment of bipolar depressive episode (7 weeks, study period 1 [SP1]). Study period 1 responders (mean modal daily OFC dosage, 10.8/27.8 mg) were randomized to OFC continuation treatment or olanzapine (OLZ) monotherapy starting at 10 mg (12 weeks, SP2). Seventy-three percent of the(More)
Identification and localization of epileptogenic zone (EZ) is vital in patients with medically-intractable focal epilepsy, who may be candidates for potentially curative resective epilepsy surgery. Presence of a lesion on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) influences both diagnostic classification and selection for surgery. However, the implications for(More)
The search for groups of important sectors in an economy has been and still is one of the more recurrent themes in input-output analysis. But a sector can probably be important for some questions at the same time, to a different degree. In this direction, a multidimensional fuzzy clustering analysis gives as a result a classification of sectors illustrating(More)
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