Barbara Deutsch

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for their vision and support of this project. And special thanks to Holli Howard, Director of GIS at Casey Trees for her innovative GIS data methods and analysis, and Tad Slawecki, Senior Engineer at LimnoTech for assistance with development of the mini-model and data display tool. In addition we wish are grateful to the following people for their support(More)
The macroalgae species Fucus vesiculosus (Phaeophyta), Polysiphonia sp., and Ceramium rubrum (Rhodophyta) originally grown at an unpolluted brackish site of the southern Baltic Sea were incubated for 10 and 14 days at 12 stations along a salinity gradient in a highly polluted estuary. We have expected an adaptation of the initially low delta15N values to(More)
Nitrogen (N) retention and transformation in the Szczecin Lagoon, southern Baltic Sea, were studied by means of budget calculations and stable isotope data of dissolved and particulate matter. Two stations, one located at the main outlet of the lagoon (Swina Strait) and the other 100 km to the south, on the Oder River (Widuchowa), were sampled biweekly over(More)
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