Barbara Da Rocha

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We reported previously that the cellular prion protein (PrP(c)) is a component of desmosomes and contributes to the intestinal barrier function. We demonstrated also the presence of PrP(c) in the nucleus of proliferating intestinal epithelial cells. Here we sought to decipher the function of this nuclear pool. In human intestinal cancer cells Caco-2/TC7 and(More)
In this study we investigated the effects of alpha-ketoisocaproic (KIC), alpha-ketoisovaleric (KIV) and alpha-keto-beta-methylvaleric (KMV) acids on the phosphorylation of intermediate filament (IF) proteins of cerebral cortex of rats. Tissue slices were incubated with [32P] orthophosphate in the presence or absence of the acids. The intermediate filament(More)
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