Barbara D. Lynch

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The aim of this paper is to briefly examine the contemporary phenomenon of "burnout" within oncology and palliative care. In discussing the suitable interventions to manage stress and avoid burnout, reference will be made to counselling and clinical supervision, but more substantially the paper will report on an innovative subsidised complementary therapy(More)
A series of experiments was carried out to determine the effect of boning and trimming on the bacteriology of a number of beef cuts. At the same time the plant cleaning programme was investigated to determine its efficiency in reducing bacterial numbers on different surfaces within the boning hall. The hygiene of the personnel involved in boning was also(More)
Skin is a complex, multi-layered organ, with important functions in the protection of the body. The dermis provides structural support to the epidermal barrier, and thus has attracted a large number of mechanical studies. As the dermis is made of a mixture of stiff fibres embedded in a soft non-fibrillar matrix, it is classically considered that its(More)
Soft connective tissues such as skin, tendon or cornea are made of about 90% of extracellular matrix proteins, fibrillar collagens being the major components. Decreased or aberrant collagen synthesis generally results in defective tissue mechanical properties as the classic form of Elhers-Danlos syndrome (cEDS). This connective tissue disorder is caused by(More)
Dams, roads, ports, urban developments, pipelines and petrochemical plants, mines, and vast industrial plantations both reflect and instantiate the larger social projects of colonialism, development, and globalisation. An emphasis on mega-projects helps us to see the relationship between these abstract processes and the biogeophysical and social(More)
Several diseases can lead to opacification of cornea requiring transplantation of donor tissue to restore vision. In this context, transparent collagen I fibrillated matrices have been synthesized at 15, 30, 60 and 90 mg/mL. The matrices were evaluated for fibril organizations, transparency, mechanical properties and ability to support corneal epithelial(More)
The affine transformation hypothesis is usually adopted in order to link the tissue scale with the fibers scale in structural constitutive models of fibrous tissues. Thanks to the recent advances in imaging techniques, such as multiphoton microscopy, the microstructural behavior and kinematics of fibrous tissues can now be monitored at different stretching(More)
Skin aging is a complex process that strongly affects the mechanical behavior of skin. This study aims at deciphering the relationship between age-related changes in dermis mechanical behavior and the underlying changes in dermis microstructure. To that end, we use multiphoton microscopy to monitor the reorganization of dermal collagen during mechanical(More)
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