Barbara Casati

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Metamorphosis represents a critical phase in the development of holometabolous insects, during which the larval body is completely reorganized: in fact, most of the larval organs undergo remodeling or completely degenerate before the final structure of the adult insect is rebuilt. In the past, increasing evidence emerged concerning the intervention of(More)
In recent years several authors have described a close correlation between circulating antineuronal antibodies of different types and the occurrence of paraneoplastic neurological syndromes. Because this has not been widely accepted, we screened 300 serum samples from 181 ovarian cancer patients for the presence of circulating antineuronal antibodies by(More)
BACKGROUND Most studies that have assessed impacts on mortality of future temperature increases have relied on a small number of simulations and have not addressed the variability and sources of uncertainty in their mortality projections. OBJECTIVES We assessed the variability of temperature projections and dependent future mortality distributions, using(More)
Description Functions to perform spatial forecast verification License GPL (>= 2) Description SpatialVx contains functions to perform many spatial forecast verification methods. Neighborhood methods generally apply a convolution kernel smoother to one or both of the fields in the verificaiton set, and then apply the traditional scores. Most of the methods(More)
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