Barbara Carpio

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This study examined differences in health status, rates of postpartum depression, perceptions of health services, unmet service needs, and barriers to service use among women born in and outside of Canada at 6 weeks following postpartum discharge from hospital. A secondary analysis of data gathered for a longitudinal cross-sectional survey of postpartum(More)
PURPOSE To determine the effectiveness of cultural sensitivity training on the knowledge and attitudes of health care providers, and to assess the satisfaction and health outcomes of patients from different minority groups with health care providers who received training. DESIGN In this randomised controlled trial, 114 health care providers (nurses and(More)
"You need to develop more confidence" is a common refrain noted by students and faculty alike. As nurse educators, we believe that encouraging students to develop their professional confidence is an important role. Moreover, the nursing profession demands that nursing care be delivered with confidence. Although the importance of professional confidence is(More)
Margaret E.A. Black, RN, PhD, is an associate professor in the School of Nursing at McMaster University and a public health consultant at the Healthy Lifestyles and Youth Branch of the City of Hamilton Public Health Services, Angela Frisina, RN, MHSc, is a public health nurse at the Healthy Lifestyles and Youth Branch of the City of Hamilton Public Health(More)
A descriptive comparative study was conducted to identify and compare/contrast the learning styles of nursing faculty and entry-level students in 2 self-directed (SDL), problem-based (PBL) nursing programs. The Kolb LSI-1985 was administered to 94 first-year generic students, 63 post-R.N. students, and 22 faculty members in a Canadian university nursing(More)
Effective faculty development programs are of paramount importance in this era of profound change in nursing education driven by baccalaureate-degree entry to practice and the concurrent implementation of college/university collaborative partnerships in Ontario, Canada. The overall purpose of this study was to design, disseminate, and evaluate a faculty(More)
Professional confidence should be nurtured in a caring nursing curriculum, however there is a lack of clarity as to what confidence means, how it is perceived by students, and what educators can do to instill professional confidence in nursing students. A qualitative study using focus groups was conducted to explore the components of professional confidence(More)
Presenting teaching accomplishments through a portfolio promotes self-reflection and provides direction for improvement and advancement decisions. The authors examine experiences, insights, and reflections about their participation in a pilot project introducing teaching portfolios. Themes of taking stock, documenting practice, and reflecting emerge. Their(More)