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Dendritic spines are small protrusions from neuronal dendrites that form the postsynaptic component of most excitatory synapses in the brain. They play critical roles in synaptic transmission and plasticity. Recent advances in imaging and molecular technologies reveal that spines are complex, dynamic structures that contain a dense array of cytoskeletal,(More)
Spine morphology is regulated by intracellular signals, like PKC, that affect cytoskeletal and membrane dynamics. We investigated the role of MARCKS (myristoylated, alanine-rich C-kinase substrate) in dendrites of 3-week-old hippocampal cultures. MARCKS associates with membranes via the combined action of myristoylation and a polybasic effector domain,(More)
Neuregulin-1 (NRG1) and its ErbB2/B4 receptors are encoded by candidate susceptibility genes for schizophrenia, yet the essential functions of NRG1 signaling in the CNS are still unclear. Using CRE/LOX technology, we have inactivated ErbB2/B4-mediated NRG1 signaling specifically in the CNS. In contrast to expectations, cell layers in the cerebral cortex,(More)
In Alzheimer's disease increasing evidence attributes synaptic and cognitive deficits to soluble oligomers of amyloid beta protein (Abeta), even prior to the accumulation of amyloid plaques, neurofibrillary tangles, and neuronal cell death. Here we show that within 1-2 h picomolar concentrations of cell-derived, soluble Abeta induce specific alterations in(More)
High-throughput platforms such as microarray, mass spectrometry, and next-generation sequencing are producing an increasing volume of omics data that needs large data storage and computing power. Cloud computing offers massive scalable computing and storage, data sharing, on-demand anytime and anywhere access to resources and applications, and thus, it may(More)
Asthma is the leading chronic illness in children, affecting about 4.8 million children in the United States. Recent reports indicate a lack of asthma educational resources for rural school health nurses to use in their practice. This article describes the development of the My Asthma Coloring Book educational tool for children and their families living in(More)
Limited information exists regarding asthma management practices and education needs of Head Start directors and staff. This paper describes asthma management practices and education needs of Head Start directors and staff in 15 Baltimore, Md., Head Start programs. From February to December 2000, all Head Start staff and directors were asked to complete a(More)
A current model posits that cofilin-dependent actin severing negatively impacts dendritic spine volume. Studies suggested that increased cofilin activity underlies activity-dependent spine shrinkage, and that reduced cofilin activity induces activity-dependent spine growth. We suggest instead that both types of structural plasticity correlate with decreased(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe practice patterns regarding diabetes management among nursing home (NH) physicians and to identify variation in this practice based on patient characteristics. DESIGN Mailed survey. PARTICIPANTS Nursing home physicians from the American Medical Directors Association (AMDA) Foundation Long-Term Care Research Network (n = 142), as(More)
Mechanosensitivity in voltage-gated calcium channels could be an asset to calcium signaling in healthy cells or a liability during trauma. Recombinant N-type channels expressed in HEK cells revealed a spectrum of mechano-responses. When hydrostatic pressure inflated cells under whole-cell clamp, capacitance was unchanged, but peak current reversibly(More)