Barbara C van Bemmel

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The binding characteristics of the kappa opioid ligands [3H]U69,593 and [3H]bremazocine, the mu opioid ligand [3H][D-ala2,N-Me-Phe4,glycol5]enkephalin and the delta opioid ligand [3H]p-Cl-[D-pen2,5]enkephalin were studied in rhesus monkey brain membranes in saturation binding experiments and were followed by competition binding experiments with a variety of(More)
Hand and arm problems are frequent in flautists. Severity is greatest in professional players, which can result in being unable to work. Based on a biomechanical analysis a support for the right hand was designed, which can be easily clipped on to the flute. Tests by professional flautists demonstrated that the right hand thumb support prevented rotation of(More)
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