Barbara C Wolf

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We undertook a study of 35 cases of myelofibrosis with myeloid metaplasia to assess the histopathologic findings in the bone marrow of patients with this disorder, to ascertain if changes in morphology occurred with time, and to attempt to correlate marrow findings with splenic size. We reviewed 71 bone marrow biopsies and studied 13 splenectomy specimens.(More)
Angiomyolipomas (AMLs) are polymorphic renal tumors that are composed of mature tissues and frequently associated with tuberous sclerosis; AMLs have long been considered hamartomatous in nature. We report the routine histologic and immunohistochemical features and DNA content analysis of two fatal cases of renal giant multicentric AML with distant organ(More)
Alprazolam is a commonly prescribed benzodiazepine. The abuse of benzodiazepines is most frequently seen in conjunction with the abuse of other drugs. Only rare fatalities have been attributed to alprazolam alone. We undertook a retrospective review of cases investigated by the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner's Office in which postmortem toxicologic(More)
The clinical and pathologic findings of three cases of splenic inflammatory pseudotumor are described, and differential diagnostic features are discussed. This benign lesion is extremely rare, only four having been previously reported. Inflammatory pseudotumors often pose diagnostic difficulties because they form infiltrative masses which have clinical and(More)
We characterized the tumorigenic and metastatic potential of a poorly differentiated, non-CEA-producing colon cancer cell line, MIP-101, after injection at different sites in athymic mice. After subcutaneous and intrasplenic injection tumor grew locally in 100 and 50%, respectively, but no metastases were found, even after intravenous injection.(More)
The authors reviewed cases investigated by the Palm Beach Medical Examiner's Office in which postmortem toxicologic studies indicated the presence of methadone over the period from 1998 to 2002, to examine the role of the drug in these deaths. There were 139 methadone-positive cases, including 75 in which the death was attributed to combined drug toxicity(More)
Making the determination of live birth versus stillbirth in a discarded newborn infant based on gross and microscopic autopsy findings can be a challenging task for the forensic pathologist. The traditional criteria for live birth determination are frequently challenged in court, and indisputable evidence of live birth remains elusive. The histologic(More)
Many biological systems have multiple fluorophores that experience multiple depolarizing motions, requiring multiple lifetimes and correlation times to define the fluorescence intensity and anisotropy decays, respectively. To simplify analyses, an assumption often made is that all fluorophores experience all depolarizing motions. However, this assumption(More)
Cytologic atypia may be seen in the glandular epithelium that lines ovarian endometriotic cysts. The significance of this atypia has not been fully elucidated. The authors studied the morphologic appearance and DNA ploidy of the glandular epithelium from 36 ovarian endometriotic cysts by image analysis on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections. In(More)