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New evidence that both T-type calcium channels and GABAA channels are responsible for the potent peripheral analgesic effects of 5α-reduced neuroactive steroids
&NA; Neurosteroids are potent blockers of neuronal low‐voltage activated (T‐type) Ca2+ channels and potentiators of GABAA ligand‐gated channels, but their effects in peripheral pain pathways have notExpand
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Contrasting anesthetic sensitivities of T‐type Ca2+ channels of reticular thalamic neurons and recombinant Cav3.3 channels
1 Reticular thalamocortical neurons express a slowly inactivating T‐type Ca2+ current that is quite similar to that recorded from recombinant Cav3.3b (α1Ib) channels. These neurons also expressExpand
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5β-Reduced Neuroactive Steroids Are Novel Voltage-Dependent Blockers of T-Type Ca2+ Channels in Rat Sensory Neurons in Vitro and Potent Peripheral Analgesics in Vivo
T-type Ca2+ channels are believed to play an important role in pain perception, and anesthetic steroids such as alphaxalone and allopregnanolone, which have a 5α-configuration at the steroid A, BExpand
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Mechanisms of Inhibition of T-Type Calcium Current in the Reticular Thalamic Neurons by 1-Octanol: Implication of the Protein Kinase C Pathway
Recent studies indicate that T-type calcium channels (T-channels) in the thalamus are cellular targets for general anesthetics. Here, we recorded T-currents and underlying low-threshold calciumExpand
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