Barbara Brauer

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Background: The presence of mediastinal or hilar adenopathy is critical for the diagnosis of pulmonary TB. Interobserver variability in the detection of lymphadenopathy on CT in children affects the usefulness of CT as a gold standard. Objective: To determine the interobserver variability for the detection of hilar and mediastinal adenopathy on CT in(More)
Stress is laid on the importance of sports instruction in the process of educating the young generation. Illness and injuries have a bad effect and result in exemption from sports lessons at school. The extent of these factors in the district of Weissenfels is shown in analysis and a therapy schedule based on empirical data has been developed for the(More)
Variations in the body weight of 550 healthy sporting girls aged 9 to 12 years (urban population) were examined with reference to the stage of their biological development. A classification in percentages (from 80% to 150%) for the evaluation of body weight in medical practice is depicted in tabular form and provides a ready and reliable means for examining(More)
Norm values of bodily efficiency inform about the level of health and development of the growing-up generation. Anthropometric results from 595 healthy sporting boys of the town Weissenfels aged 9 till 12 years are given in tabulated form (means and standard deviations from 8 anthropometric parameters) differentiated in regard of the biological age of the(More)