Barbara Blaser

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Lipofuscin, an autofluorescent age pigment, occurs in enteric neurons. Due to its broad excitation and emission spectra, it overlaps with commonly used fluorophores in immunohistochemistry. We investigated the pattern of lipofuscin pigmentation in neurofilament (NF)-reactive nitrergic and non-nitrergic human myenteric neuron types. Subsequently, we tested(More)
Integrins are matrix receptors that regulate cell-matrix interactions during development and in adult tissue. In the adult kidney, the ␣8 chain is specifically expressed in glomer-ular mesangial cells and vascular smooth muscle cells. ␣8-deficient (␣8Ϫ/Ϫ) mice demonstrate reductions in renal mass, which can range from complete renal agenesis to the(More)
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