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Skeletal status by phalangeal quantitative osteosonography (DBM Sonic BP-IGEA) was examined in 1227 healthy children (641 boys and 586 girls) aged 3-16 years. Aims of the study were to evaluate some physical parameters pertaining to the ultrasound transmission crossing the phalanx in a school-age population and to relate these values to age, sex, and growth(More)
OBJECTIVES Micronucleus (MN) assay in buccal exfoliated cells is a minimally invasive method for monitoring genetic damage in human populations. Statistical and epidemiological issues related to the design and analysis of studies based on this biomarker are addressed. METHODS A systematic review of recent literature on the buccal MN assay has been carried(More)
The study of DNA damage in exfoliated buccal cells is a minimally invasive method for monitoring populations for exposure to genotoxic agents. The presence of micronuclei (MN) and other nuclear anomalies within these cells has been shown to be associated with genetic defects in genome maintenance, accelerated ageing, genotoxic damage and some degenerative(More)
The aim of the study was to calculate the hospital and social costs in relation to efficacy of clinical outcome, hospital stay and time off work in two groups of patients randomly treated with laparoscopic or mini-cholecystectomy. One hundred and eighty-one patients with simple, symptomatic gallstone disease were included in the study; of these, 9 cases(More)
BH3-only members of the Bcl-2 family exert a fundamental role in apoptosis induction. This work focuses on the development of a novel peptidic molecule based on the BH3 domain of Bim. The antiapoptotic molecule Bcl-X(L), involved in cancer development/progression and tumour resistance to cytotoxic drugs, is a target for Bim. According to a rational study of(More)
Chlorination by-products (CBPs) in drinking water have been associated with an increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, including small for gestational age at term (term-SGA) and preterm delivery. Epidemiological evidence is weakened by a generally inaccurate exposure assessment, often at an ecological level. A case control study with incident cases(More)
BACKGROUND The normalization of DNA microarrays allows comparison among samples by adjusting for individual hybridization intensities. The approaches most commonly used are global normalization methods that are based on the expression of all genes on the slide and on the modulation of a small proportion of genes. Alternative approaches must be developed for(More)
BACKGROUND The determinants and predictors of QOL in lung cancer survivors who have received surgery remain defined vaguely and still debated. We evaluate clinical, surgical, and pulmonary function characteristics as predictors of QOL in long-term lung cancer survivors who received surgery. METHODS Quality of life was evaluated 5 years after surgery in 67(More)
BACKGROUND To determine: 1) whether the pathology correlates with the degree of immunosuppression, 2) whether there is a relation between pathology and antiretroviral therapies, 3) whether Papanicolau (Pap) smears correlate with colposcopic and histologic findings, 4) whether there is rapid genital disease progression after standard gynaecologic care. (More)
BACKGROUND Aim of this paper is to describe the changes over a 16-year period of the characteristics and management of HIV infected pregnant women. METHODS Prospective study: analysis of data obtained from 162 women and 176 infants. Factors evaluated included: maternal socio-demographic level, immunological and virological parameters, antiretroviral(More)