Barbara Berman

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  • Barbara Berman, Melissa Fiorelli, Chris Gorband, Dan Kinney, Sydney Ludvigson, Therese Melfo +7 others
  • 2000
he recent currency crises in Asia have raised important questions about the sensitivity of industrialized-country economies to financial turmoil in emerging markets. and Thailand experienced net capital outflows of more than $80 billion, plunging them from " growth-miracle " status into their worst recessions in decades. GDP growth rates in Korea and(More)
  • John H Gibbons Director, John Andelin, Nancy Carson Naismith, Kathi Hanna Mesirow, Barbara Berman, Eugene Frankel +57 others
  • 1986
Foreword The vitality of American science is a principal component of our country's economic and intellectual success. Congress, among other institutions, bears responsibility for nurturing creativity and exploration in science while providing appropriate safeguards. Various direct and indirect forces, however, are continually altering the agenda for(More)
BACKGROUND The Mayo Lung Project (MLP), a randomized controlled clinical trial of lung cancer screening conducted between 1971 and 1986 among male smokers aged 45 or above, demonstrated an increase in lung cancer survival since the time of diagnosis, but no reduction in lung cancer mortality. Whether this result necessarily indicates a lack of mortality(More)
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