Barbara Bergier

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The recognition of adolescents' physical activity has become one of the serious challenges of the modern times, as a concern about the future health of societies. The major goal of the presented study was to discover the level of physical activity among Polish adolescents aged 16-18, and the factors which condition this level. The investigations were(More)
Patterns of nutritional behaviours shaped in childhood and during the period of adolescents are mostly continued in adult life, and on these patterns, to a great degree, depends the risk of development of many chronic diseases. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between dietary habits and body image perception among Polish adolescents(More)
Studies of the physical activity of 17-year-old adolescents attending selected schools in Lithuania were conducted in 2010 with the use of the IPAQ. The adolescents differed with respect to the scope of leisure time possessed. Considerably more boys than girls indicated that they had a sufficient amount of leisure time, but to the contrary, considerably(More)
Physical activity of societies plays an important role in a health promoting life style, which largely determines the health condition. University students , as the future elite group of each of the countries, hold a prominent place in the studies on physical activity of various socio-occupational groups. One of the most important methodologi-cal matters in(More)
OBJECTIVE Scientific reports provide information concerning an insufficient level of physical activity of societies. The objective of the study is recognition of the level of physical activity among Ukrainian students, and factors which condition this activity: gender, place of residence, self-reported physical fitness, and the BMI. METHODS The study was(More)
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