Barbara Ann Schroeder

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Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) and subacute measles encephalitis (SME) are both rare complications of measles virus infection. SSPE typically affects immunocompetent children, has an insidious onset and follows a steadily progressive course. SME mainly occurs in immunosuppressed children and has a rapidly progressive course. We describe a 43(More)
Somatic growth functions are critical parameters for understanding the life history of a species and for developing management plans for wild populations. Substantial effort has been invested in—and considerable information on growth rates has been gained from—mark-recapture studies of sea turtle populations (growth studies based on mark and recapture of(More)
departures from primary residence areas were either looping excursions, typically involving 1–2 weeks of continuous travel, or movement to a secondary residence area where turtles spent 25–45 days before returning to their primary residence area. Ten turtles had a secondary residence area, and six used it as an overwintering site. For those six turtles, the(More)
I have read this dissertation and have found it to be of satisfactory quality for a doctoral degree. In addition, I have found that its format, citations, and bibliographic style are consistent and acceptable, and its illustrative materials, including figures, tables, and charts are in place. I have read this dissertation and have found it to be of(More)
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