Barbara Agnew

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Cultured rabbit parietal cells were used to evaluate morphological responses to activators and inhibitors of HCl secretion. Immunofluorescence was used to localize the proton pump protein, H, K-ATPase, and the apical membrane-cytoskeletal linker protein, ezrin; fluorescent-labeled phalloidin was used as a marker of F-actin. Treatment of healthy control(More)
Gaseous emboli may be introduced into the bypass circuit both from the surgical field and during perfusionist interventions. While circuits provide good protection against massive air embolism, they do not remove gaseous microemboli (GME) from the bypass circuit. The purpose of this preliminary study is to assess the incidence of GME during bypass surgery(More)
Remodeling of the apical membrane-cytoskeleton has been suggested to occur when gastric parietal cells are stimulated to secrete HCl. The present experiments assayed the relative amounts of F-actin and G-actin in gastric glands and parietal cells, as well as the changes in the state of actin on stimulation. Glands and cells were treated with a Nonidet P-40(More)
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