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The Mediterranean species of the genus ameles burmeister, 1838 (insecta, mantodea: amelinae): with a biogeographic and phylogenetic evaluation
The Mediterranean species of the genus Ameles Burmeister are revised. Ameles paradecolor sp. n., from the Iberian Peninsula, and Ameles insularis sp. n., from the island of Mallorca, are described.Expand
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Estimating the biodiversity of terrestrial invertebrates on a forested island using DNA barcodes and metabarcoding data.
Invertebrates are a major component of terrestrial ecosystems, however, estimating their biodiversity is challenging. We compiled an inventory of invertebrate biodiversity along an elevation gradientExpand
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On the usefulness of ratios for the identification of some Mediterranean species of the genus Ameles Burmeister, 1838 (Insecta, Mantodea)
Identification of Ameles species is a difficult task requiring much experience because of ambiguous descriptions with fewdrawings and great intraspecific morphological variability. Our objective wasExpand
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Dropping behaviour of pea aphid nymphs increases their development time and reduces their reproductive capacity as adults
Background. Many aphid species, including the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum, exhibit a behaviour where they drop or fall from their host plant, a commonly used strategy to avoid predation, parasitismExpand
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Biodiversità degli ortotteri del Lagorai
Biodiversity of Orthoptera from Lagorai Mountains in Trento Province (Northern Italy) In this paper the Orthoptera fauna of the Lagorai Mountains is examined, given the spare and incompleteExpand