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Voyager 2 images of Neptune reveal a windy planet characterized by bright clouds of methane ice suspended in an exceptionally clear atmosphere above a lower deck of hydrogen sulfide or ammonia ices. Neptune's atmosphere is dominated by a large anticyclonic storm system that has been named the Great Dark Spot (GDS). About the same size as Earth in extent,(More)
Reiter 1987] has developed a general theory of diagnosis based on rst principles. His algorithm computes all diagnoses which explain the diierences between the predicted and observed behavior of a given system. Unfortunately, Re-iter's description of the algorithm is incorrect in that some diagnoses can be missed under certain conditions. This note presents(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of the study was to examine the effects of aerobic exercise on physiological fatigue (time on treadmill), dyspnea [rate of perceived exertion (RPE) and forced expiratory volume at 1 s (FEV1)], weight, and body composition in HIV-1-infected adults (200-499 x 106 CD4+ cells/l). DESIGN The study was a randomized, wait-listed,(More)
As Voyager 1 flew through the Saturn system it returned photographs revealing many new and surprising characteristics of this complicated community of bodies. Saturn's atmosphere has numerous, low-contrast, discrete cloud features and a pattern of circulation significantly different from that of Jupiter. Titan is shrouded in a haze layer that varies in(More)
Voyager 2 photography has complemented that of Voyager I in revealing many additional characteristics of Saturn and its satellites and rings. Saturn's atmosphere contains persistent oval cloud features reminiscent of features on Jupiter. Smaller irregular features track out a pattern of zonal winds that is symmetric about Saturn's equator and appears to(More)
This study evaluated whether motor activity prior to birth is predictive of motor behavior and temperament in neonates, infants, and toddlers. Three measures of fetal motor activity (activity level, amplitude, and number of movements) were collected at 24, 30, and 36 weeks of gestation in 52 healthy fetuses using Doppler-based actography. Postnatal data(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy of treadmill exercises and stretching and resistance exercises in improving gait speed, strength, and fitness for patients with Parkinson disease. DESIGN A comparative, prospective, randomized, single-blinded clinical trial of 3 types of physical exercise. SETTING The Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center at(More)
Cardiopulmonary responses to an 8-week moderate-intensity aerobic exercise intervention and adherence to exercise during and after intervention were assessed in 41 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer undergoing adjuvant therapy. The intervention was primarily aimed at minimizing deconditioning. Women were randomly assigned to the intervention or(More)
Reproductive and growth data were obtained on 779 and 564 yearling beef heifers and bulls, respectively, that had sires with yearling scrotal circumference data at the San Juan Basin Research Center, Hesperus, CO. Partial regression coefficients of reproductive and growth traits on inbreeding (FXC) and age of the individual and adjusted scrotal(More)
Voyager 2, during its encounter with the Jupiter system, provided images that both complement and supplement in important ways the Voyager 1 images. While many changes have been observed in Jupiter's visual appearance, few, yet significant, changes have been detected in the principal atmospheric currents. Jupiter's ring system is strongly forward scattering(More)