Barbara A Perales

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RATIONALE Bupropion reduces discomfort and craving associated with smoking cessation. This study determined whether a rat model of nicotine dependence could detect such nicotine abstinence-alleviating effects. OBJECTIVES Experiments determined whether the abstinence-alleviating effects of bupropion were detectable by (1) behavioral abstinence signs(More)
The influenza A virus nucleoprotein (NP) is a multifunctional polypeptide which plays a pivotal role in virus replication. To get information on the domains and specific residues involved in the different NP activities, we describe here the preparation and characterization of 20 influenza A virus mutant NPs. The mutations, mostly single-amino-acid(More)
A collection of influenza virus PB2 mutant genes was prepared, including N-terminal deletions, C-terminal deletions, and single-amino-acid insertions. These mutant genes, driven by a T7 promoter, were expressed by transfection into COS-1 cells infected with a vaccinia virus encoding T7 RNA polymerase. Mutant proteins accumulated to levels similar to that of(More)
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