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This paper is a guide to the effective design and management of team assignments in a college classroom where little class time is available for instruction on teaming skills. Topics discussed include forming teams, helping them become effective, and using peer ratings to adjust team grades for individual performance. A Frequently Asked Questions section(More)
in 533 engineering and computer science courses over a two-year period. Of the 6435 student respondents, 4349 (68%) reported working in teams. Relative to the students who only worked individually, the students who worked in teams were significantly more likely to agree that the course had achieved its stated learning objectives (0 001). Regression analysis(More)
large aperture antenna accomplishes this task at the expense of providing limited coverage in the vertical plane (0–35). An ancillary high-zenith antenna is then necessary to track satellites from 35–90 in elevation. Phase center variation (PCV) has been observed to be a significant source of GPS error when translating the accumulated carrier phase (ACP)(More)
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