Barbara A. Norgard

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In this paper we describe and test a two stage algorithm based on a lexical col-location technique which maps from the lexical clues contained in a document representation into a controlled vocabulary list of subject headings. Using a collection of 4,626 INSPEC documents, we create a \dictionary" of associations between the lexical items contained in the(More)
Searching of databases (textual or numeric) is likely to be effective and efficient only if the user is familiar with the classification, categorizing, and indexing schemes (metadata vocabularies) being searched. Therefore, it is obviously beneficial to provide a bridge between the user's ordinary language and the metadata vocabularies of the unfamiliar(More)
The OASIS project is undergoing a complete revamping with the goal of giving it a exible graphical interface, more powerful analysis tools, and broader searching capabilities. A new X Windows interface is being linked to a search and analysis backend written primarily in Emacs Lisp to take advantage of its advanced string processing functions and multiple(More)
The transition from searching in a single database to searching a multiplicity of networked atabases exacerbates some old difficulties in the design and evaluation of retrieval systems and creates new ones. A network environment calls into question the traditional definitions of recall and relevance. Efficient network searching raises questions about where(More)
BACKGROUND Disturbances in one carbon metabolism may contribute to carcinogenesis by affecting methylation and synthesis of DNA. Choline and its oxidation product betaine are involved in this metabolism and can serve as alternative methyl group donors when folate status is low. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a case-control study nested within the(More)