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Despite the increase of the older adult population, there exists a shortage of health care professionals trained to help this population remain independent as long as possible. Ageism, common among younger adults, affects the capacity building of health care for older adults. Research has indicated that increased knowledge about older adults, as well as(More)
An understanding of global health and the development of cultural competence are important outcomes of today's baccalaureate nursing programs. Thoughtfully designed international experiences can provide excellent opportunities to achieve those outcomes. Based on 16 years of providing international experiences within a baccalaureate curriculum, components(More)
Depression remains one of the most common conditions seen in primary care settings. Antidepressant medications (ADMs) are considered standard treatment for moderate to severe depression, and in some instances, for minor depression. When ADM adherence is low, patients are at risk for treatment failure and poor quality of life. Nurses may be key in ensuring(More)
To promote student-centered learning, a course council was established in a beginning undergraduate nursing course. A student representative was selected by peers to attend a monthly course council meeting with faculty. Representatives were asked to query classmates in their section of eight students regarding opinions, questions, and concerns about the(More)
Livestock grazing is a prevalent land use in western North American intermountain wetlands, and physical and biotic changes related to grazing-related disturbance can potentially limit wetland habitat value for waterfowl. We evaluated breeding waterfowl use in 34 wetlands in relation to water retention, amount of wetlands on the landscape, and livestock(More)
Although debriefing in simulation settings is routine in nursing education, debriefing does not routinely take place in clinical settings with nursing students after a patient has died. This pilot study sought to explore nursing students' perceptions of their first experience with the death of a patient. Students reported emotional distress and feelings of(More)
PURPOSE To examine the effects of at-risk alcohol use on patterns of healthcare use and health outcomes. DATA SOURCES Using the National Health Interview Survey and the Medical Expenditures Panel Survey, a total sample of 4449 adults, mean age 45 (SD 15), were grouped according to responses to the question: "In the past year, on how many days did you have(More)
Medication adherence is critical to the efficacy of available treatment for depression in primary care settings. This review identifies factors associated with adherence and what is known about the effectiveness of adherence-enhancement programmes. A comprehensive systematic review of English language publications from January 2002 to October 2011 was(More)
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