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Performance finding a target improves when artificial cues direct covert attention to the target's probable location or locations, but how do predictive cues help observers search for objects in real scenes? Controlling for target detectability and retinal eccentricity, we recorded observers' first saccades during search for objects that appeared in(More)
To investigate the drinking behaviour of rabbits as well as to prove the suitability of different drinker systems under animal suitable conditions all in all 32 rabbits aged four to eight weeks have been held to test in free choice four drinker types usually applied in practice. The rabbits could choose between swimmer-, low pressure-bowl-, nipple- and(More)
Vertebral columns of female and male breeding rabbits, kept in conventional cages or in a group housing system, were investigated by spot checks anatomically and radiographically in regard to deformations of the vertebral column. It should be proved, whether depending on the housing system and the opportunity of locomotion the male and female rabbits get(More)
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