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Artemisinin (quinghaosu) is a natural compound, isolated from Artemisia annua L. (Compositae), of current interest in treatment of drug-resistant malaria. Aim of the current study was to hit upon novel artemisinin sources as alternative to A. annua. Therefore, ten species of the genus Artemisia (A. santonicum L., A. taurica Willd., A. spicigera K. Koch, A.(More)
Grammosciadium pterocarpum subsp. bilgilii and Grammosciadium pterocarpum subsp. sivasicum from Turkey are herein described as two new subspecies, and the species Grammosciadium schischkinii is synonymied under Grammosciadium pterocarpum subsp. pterocarpum. Quantitative variation of morphological and anatomical characters have been analysed to provide(More)
New HPLC-chemometric approaches were proposed for the simultaneous chromatographic quantification of daidzein, genistein, formononetin, and biochanin A in the samples consisting of the aerial parts of Trifolium lucanicum Gasp. (Leguminosae). Partial least squares and principal component regression algorithms were applied to the multiple chromatographic data(More)
Oenanthe millefolia (Apiaceae), which is presented as a new recorded species for the Turkish flora, was discovered for the first time in Kırklareli province of Turkey. It is also reported as a new species for the Greek flora based on an unidentified specimen which was collected from the Thrace region of Greece. In this study, an expanded morphological(More)
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