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Synchronized spin-valve oscillators may lead to nanosized microwave generators that do not require discrete elements such as capacitors or inductors. Uniformly magnetized oscillators have been synchronized, but offer low power. Gyrating magnetic vortices offer greater power, but vortex synchronization has yet to be demonstrated. Here we find that vortices(More)
Spin-polarized current can excite the magnetization of a ferromagnet through the transfer of spin angular momentum to the local spin system. This pure spin-related transport phenomenon leads to alluring possibilities for the achievement of a nanometer scale, complementary metal oxide semiconductor-compatible, tunable microwave generator that operates at low(More)
The phase locking behavior of spin transfer nano-oscillators (STNOs) to an external microwave signal is experimentally studied as a function of the STNO intrinsic parameters. We extract the coupling strength from our data using the derived phase dynamics of a forced STNO. The predicted trends on the coupling strength for phase locking as a function of(More)
The Modifiable Activity Questionnaire (MAQ) is a physical activity questionnaire shown to be both valid and reliable in French. After translation and adaptation to Dutch, the objective of the study was to see whether this questionnaire was valid and reliable in the Dutch language and thus could be used as a tool for the detection of exercise levels in a(More)
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