Baptiste Morin

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A bilateral angle-closure glaucoma is described in a homosexual man, with a positive HIV serology. This angle closure is secondary to an anterior rotation of the ciliary body at the scleral spur following development of an inflammatory cilio-choroidal detachment: which is itself connected with a massive uveal-retinal effusion. The cause of this uveal(More)
Chronic cocaine exposure during critical periods of development induces short- and long-term effects. During the pubertal period, the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis undergoes many dynamic changes. The present study investigated whether chronic periadolescent cocaine alters reproductive maturity in the rat. Sixty female Long-Evans hooded rats were(More)
1. The acute cardiovascular effects of PY 108-068 and PN 200-110 were studied by means of a computerized analysis of the intra-aortic blood pressure (BP) recorded continuously for 26 h in conscious unrestrained spontaneously hypertensive rats. Both compounds were studied at three doses (50, 100 and 200 micrograms kg-1) and each dose was administered(More)
Operative difficulties and post operative complications after posterior chamber lens implantation are described in 27 eyes with exfoliation syndrome, 8 simple exfoliation syndromes and 19 capsular glaucoma. 14 eyes were operated on by extracapsular extraction and posterior chamber lens implantation in the capsular bag; 13 eyes had extracapsular cataract(More)
  • B Morin, Nichols La, Zalasky Km, Davis Jw, Manthey Ja, Holland Lj
  • 2010
Primary hepatocyte isolation and maintenance in culture Rats were anesthesized with intraperitoneal injection of 8.3 mg ketamine and 1.7 mg xylazine per 100 g body weight. Hepatocytes were isolated by the collagenase-perfusion method [1], with the following modifications. The portal vein was cannulated and the liver perfused with Krebs-Ringers-bicarbonate(More)
We have implanted 530 Galand's disc lens in the last 15 months. Stability and self-centering of implant were good when peroperative vitreous pressure was normal and in any case when wound was closed. Pupillary blocks, specific complications of this lens were rare (less than 1%); they can be prevented occurred by simple and adequate protocols.
Pseudophakic Retinal Detachment (PRD) is of major concern, because since 1981, the number of patients receiving implants per year has been higher than that not implanted in the United States. Recently, the number of PRD has exceeded that of Aphakic Retinal Detachment (A.R.D.). This has been observed over the last two years in our unit. We report on 39 cases(More)
The use of a per operative qualitative Keratometer is of interest in prevention of astigmatism in cataract extraction. Our study, which included two groups of forty patients each, demonstrated that the Karickhoff Keratometer can markedly decrease the degree of immediate post-operative astigmatism = gain of 2.38 delta in comparison with the control group and(More)