Baptiste Busch

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Members of a team are able to coordinate their actions by anticipating the intentions of others. Achieving such implicit coordination between humans and robots requires humans to be able to quickly and robustly predict the robot's intentions, i.e. the robot should demonstrate a behavior that is legible. Whereas previous work has sought to explicitly(More)
We present the principles, current work and plans for the EU-FP7 Project Semi Autonomous 3rd-Hand Robot. In this project, we pursue a breakthrough in flexible manufacturing by developing a symbiotic robot assistant that acts as a third hand of a human worker. It will be straightforward to instruct even by untrained workers and allow for efficient knowledge(More)
Flexible manipulators based on soft robotic technologies demonstrate compliance and dexterous maneuverability with virtually infinite degrees-of-freedom. Such systems have great potential in assistive and surgical fields where safe human-robot interaction is a prime concern. However, in order to enable practical application in these environments,(More)
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