Bapiraju Vinnakota

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In this paper we describe a method to combine dictionary coding and partial LFSR reseeding to improve the ompression efficiency for test data compression. We also present a fast matrix calculation method which significantly reduces the computation time to find a solution for partial LFSR reseeding. Experimental results on ISCAS89 benchmark circuits show(More)
Test generation for sequential machines is known to be computationally expensive. We present a scheme, called MACHETE (MACHines for Easy TEstability), for synthesizing easily testable architectures for sequential machines by adding some state transitions and their associated output vectors to the state transition table. This is done to make the internal(More)
Sequential circuit fault simulators use the multiple bits in a computer data word to accelerate simulation. We introduce, and implement, a new sequential circuit fault simulator, a parallel pattern parallel fault simulator, ZAMBEZI, which simultaneously simulates multiple faults with multiple vectors in one data word. ZAMBEZI is developed by enhancing the(More)
Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits are rapidly becoming more complex. In addition to the traditional problems associated with testing ICs, such as limited controllability and observability, analog and mixed-signal test is vulnerable to measurement induced errors. Constraints on measuring analog signals signiicantly increase the complexity and cost(More)
Dynamic-current based test techniques can potentially address the drawbacks of traditional and Iddq test methodologies. The quality of dynamic current based test is degraded by process variations in IC manufacture. The energy consumption ratio (ECR) is a new metric that improves the effectiveness of dynamic current test by reducing the impact of process(More)