Bapi Raju Surampudi

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It has been proposed that the ability of humans to quickly perceive numerosity involves a visual sense of number. Different paradigms of enumeration and numerosity comparison have produced a gamut of behavioral and neuroimaging data, but there has been no unified conceptual framework that can explain results across the entire range of numerosity. The(More)
In this paper, we review extant computational models of time perception to elucidate the need for developing connectionist/neural networks models of time perception based on emergent systems approach. The widespread differences between production or symbolic processing systems that are based on cognitivist approach (e.g., ACT-R, and Soar) and connectionist(More)
The analysis of the cognitive processes in response to a narrative as presented in a movie provides an insight into momentary reaction to a single depicted action like a facial expression and an aggregate processing of the entire sequence of events. In this study we report results from fMRI data analyzed by group independent component analysis (ICA) method(More)
An ElectroCardiogram (ECG) inter-patient heartbeat time series classification method by a hierarchical system of based on support vector machine and Decision rule, using full heart-beat time series by alignment of R-peaks of all beats, is proposed. PQRST Time series of heart-beats having converted into equal length series by alignment of R-peaks of all(More)
Early detection of cardiovascular diseases can prevent the premature deaths caused by abnormal heartbeat problems. Application of unsupervised classification by Extreme learning machine is addressed for ElectroCardiogram (ECG) heart-beat time series clustering by a hybrid of Extreme learning machine and Decision rule using full heart-beat time series by(More)
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