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With increasing cutting speeds being used in machining operations, the thermal aspects of cutting have become more important. A new fabrication method of nickel-chrome versus nickel-silicon thin-film thermocouple-rf magnetron sputtering is presented. The thin film thermocouples have been directly deposited inside high speed steel cutters and the thickness(More)
—Because the nearspace slow-moving platform borne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) can realize high resolution imaging using low pulse repetition frequency (PRF), a full-aperture ScanSAR (FA-ScanSAR) operation, which switches the range beam pulse by pulse, was proposed for wide swath imaging. This operation separates the wide swath into several sub-swaths,(More)
Base on the great demand of defense and aerospace for measuring pulse thrust of attitude/orbit rocket, the dynamic measurement system has been developed. This paper is mainly about the dynamic model and acceleration compensation of the system. Through improving the experimental modal analysis, the theoretical model was built. By comparing the actual(More)
In spaceflight, the orbit/attitude control rocket which mainly works in pulse ignition has important effect on spacecraft control. It is necessary to study the performance of thrust vector generated by rocket in order to improve the control precision and extend working life of spacecraft. A piezoelectric measurement system for thrust vector measurement is(More)
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